Health and Wellbeing Platform

Sharecare is the app that enables you to have all your health in one place. Using hyper-personalised content, tailored by a user’s completion of our RealAge® test, the app encourages daily, healthy habits. By earning Green Days users can be rewarded for positive change. The platform is impacting the health of individuals, organisations and communities.

Digital Coaching

Next generation AI, through seamless digital coaching provides hyper personalised and targeted interventions protocols to keep healthy people healthy. The platform educates participants on what they need to be healthier, reducing lifestyle risk and optimising care for those with chronic conditions, when they need it. Creating a true connection to engage participants, our solution monitors and recommends simple things to do every day, and reminds you to do them.

High Touch - High Risk

High Touch High Risk Coaching is designed to support participants who have complex and challenging health needs. Registered Nurses help identify and co-ordinate clinical priorities, mitigate hospital admission risk and support pre and post hospital admissions to reduce preventable readmissions. Strengths based short term behaviour change coaching will assist the participant set an action plan to identify and link the risk to behaviours and build their reliance to achieve longer term health goals.

Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease Digital and High Touch Coaching combines innovative frictionless technologies, scientifically validated, clinical protocols and best in class coaching tools to achieve increased satisfaction, enhanced productivity, drive better health outcomes and reduce cost. For participants with chronic, complex needs including diabetes, heart disease and respiratory conditions.

Mental Health

Our innovative Mental Health Recovery program combines advanced digital technologies with high touch, strength based behaviour change coaching for participants with depression. Based on the latest research in the field of recovery-oriented practice, our digital solutions and coaches empowers participants to move towards recovery, reducing readmissions.

Remote Monitoring

Comprehensive digital and high touch coaching solutions to encourage behaviour and lifestyle changes that are designed to reduce the complications of conditions and inculcate better self-management. Includes frictionless remote data tracking and monitoring; alert notification; customised educational material; intrinsic motivation by earning green days to encourage tracking and adherence to treatment goals.

  • Hypertension - Blood pressure measurement
  • Diabetes - Blood glucose measurement
  • Heart Failure - Weight measurement
  • Asthma - Spirometry measurement