Sydney, Australia - 10 May, 2020

People with diabetes and other chronic conditions have a unique load to bear as a result of Covid-19. As a result, their path going down through COVID alert levels must also address their specific physical, mental, clinical and emotional needs. That is why Diabetes New Zealand supports Sharecare in asking New Zealanders, especially those with diabetes or other chronic conditions, to complete their “Covid-19 The Road Ahead Survey”.

“Everyone has been affected differently during lockdown. Health organisations have their member’s and customer’s best interests at heart in regards to emerging from lockdown, however at the same time, cannot assume to know what their audiences would find the most helpful support”, says Heather Verry, Chief Executive from Diabetes New Zealand.

The ‘Covid-19 The Road Ahead Survey’ includes people across a wide variety of age groups, occupations, medical conditions and regions across New Zealand with very interesting results.

‘Before the survey I was expecting those over 65 years of age to be the most concerned about Covid-19 and that they were the group to feel most stressed or panicked by it. To date, that isn’t the case. In fact, the Millenials and Gen Zs feel more upset,’ says Allison Hall, Director of Customer and Markets for Sharecare Australia and New Zealand.

Together, Diabetes New Zealand and Sharecare are asking those with Diabetes, and other chronic conditions, to complete the ‘Covid-19 The Road Ahead Survey’ to ensure that their impacts and feelings about moving away from lockdown is accounted for.

‘People living with diabetes are of all generations, cultures, occupations and levels of health. Their opinions count. With the results, we aim to provide information and support to our members knowing it will be valuable, within Sharecare and also as part of our initiatives such as Diabetes Awareness Month. Be understood and supported,’ says Heather.

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