Riaan is a forward focused executive leader and Managing Director of Sharecare Australia with over 15 years’ senior-level experience in business development, technology and product development, his core strength rests on an ability to drive growth through the development and deployment of business strategies that build competitive advantage.

Focused on operational excellence as well as customer-facing business development, he has transformed the performance and outlook of the businesses. Thriving on the challenge of strategic planning in evolving markets, he works in partnership with executive stakeholders to ensure successful implementation of strategies that act as a catalyst for positive organisational change and growth.

Riaan has been recognised for an ability to combine a strong background in technology and product, with a commercially astute and resolutely customer-centric focus. Riaan takes a big picture view in the design of technology and product roadmaps that place customer needs first, to ensure effectiveness, build long-term relationships and future proof pipelines. In a crowded market, he has been able to keep solutions competitive though leveraging consumer insight and keeping a firm handle on our customers’ needs, ensuring the businesses is nimble enough to evolve and change direction at speed.

Riaan has spent the earlier part of his career solving acute healthcare challenges, namely, designing and delivering large scale hospital and Electronic Health Record technology solutions around the world, but wanted to focus more on preventative health to really shift the curve in creating healthier populations. In prevention, Riaan led the team that established the largest remote monitoring program in Australia, leading an early ‘high tech, high touch’ approach, interpreting device results through predictive algorithms to drive early clinician intervention in prevention, and delivering one of the largest chronic disease management programs in Australia. Today ‘high tech, high touch’ has evolved as mobile devices have become the delivery mechanism for digital solutions to reach large scale populations.

Riaan joined Sharecare as Managing Director in January 2018. Sharecare is the digital health leader in health and wellness solutions enabling consumers to bring all their health together in one place and, as a result, impacting populations at scale.