Your Sharecare profile is a living, breathing, evolving story of your health. Based on your RealAge results, the expert resources, guidance and programs are all personalised for you to create a healthy life, lived to the fullest.


Knowing your RealAge® is the first step to growing younger

Taken by more than 43 million people globally, RealAge is the scientifically-based assessment that shows you the true age of the body you’re living in – the first step toward optimising your health. GET YOUR REALAGE

Earn Green Days

Sharecare users earn Green Days, which serve as the platform’s currency and incentive mechanism for challenges, incentives and rewards. Engagement is more effective when users are rewarded for positive, healthy behaviour change.

Track your healthy habits

The daily tracker applies frictionless technology to track twelve key RealAge Test health indicators including steps, sleep and voice analysed stress. Each of these health indicators is rated daily in real time on the five point colour scale from green to red, making it incredibly easy for an individual to understand their real time health status. The goal is to get as many trackers “in the green” to earn a Green Day and lower your RealAge.

Know how to get better care with AskMD®

Sharecare members have constant access to personalised health consultations with AskMD – get an answer to what might be bothering you, and get ready for a productive visit with your doctor.

Know the top minds in health and medicine with Sharecare’s experts

Sharecare experts include doctors and health professionals from all over the country, so users can find the health answers, advice and resources that are right for them – and right nearby — through articles, videos, blogs, programs, and assessments.

Find the perfect doctor to fit your needs

Finding the right doctor or specialist is a critical part of taking care of your health. Search locally and by specialty for the doctors closest to you, and add filters like language, experience, and hospital affiliation to find the perfect match.

Sharecare by the numbers

The effectiveness behind our products lies in the research and engineering that makes them possible. The variety of offerings provides proven ways to help you live a healthier life.


RealAge completion rate


RealAge reduction by 10 months


consumers, actively managed


Users know their RealAge


Ornish Lifestyle Medicine attendance rate


of research by Dr. Dean Ornish proving that the progression of heart disease can be reversed




hospitals and practices

*Results from a target group of 25 employers

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